Yokohama Travel Guide: Places to Visit

Yokohama is the second-largest city in Japan, next to Tokyo. It is immensely popular for its port and it has one of the biggest China Towns in Japan. Yokohama port is one of the first ones to open to foreign trade in the 1850s. These are some of the places that we visited during our stay in Yokohama.

1. Chinatown

We went to Chinatown to have our first lunch together in Japan. It is one of the most visited areas in Yokohama. We ate at a small restaurant that serves dim sum. It wasn’t as tasty as we would’ve liked it to be, but it was satisfying. There were plenty of restaurants to choose from, but we were too hungry to make a choice. There are plenty of stores that you can visit too, and you can buy all sorts of gifts/souvenirs there. Long side notes: don’t be alarmed if you see trash bags outside on the streets, because I was surprised when I first saw it. My mother said that most Chinatowns in Japan are really like that. I’m not sure why, because the Japanese are very particular with avoiding littering on the streets and keeping the streets clean. If you would like to visit the area, you can click on this link to more about Chinatown, Yokohama.

2. Yamashita Park

The Yamashita park is lovely in Spring, and the docked ship nearby, called the Hikawa Maru, was awesome to look at. As I view the docked ship, I imagined the war documentaries and the part in Howl’s Moving Castle where there was a celebration of men going to war. Match it with the beautiful bright sky. It was Uh-mazing!

You can relax by the benches, or take plenty of photos by the dock, it’s a wonderful place to pass the time. There were a lot of people visiting that day, it was a Saturday when we visited. Having a lot of people in one place in Japan is not incredibly stressful, this is because the Japanese, are so well mannered, and so well disciplined. You still will surely enjoy the experience.

This link will take you to more details about the Yamashita Park.

3. Miatomirai Cosmo World

I’ve been to the Cosmo World numerous times. My mom used to always take me there whenever I visit Yokohama because she knows how much I love the Ferris Wheel. I like it partly because of the Tagalog translation. It’s called Chubibo in Filipino. Such a fun word! Every time I think of the word, it just makes me smile.

The Ferries wheel in Cosmo World has a huge clock that was once the biggest in the world. It also gives you a magnificent view of the harbor and the city. If you love amusements parks or if you have kids, this is a beautiful place to visit.

4. Manyou No Yu

I have been to many Onsens, and this is one of the best ones that I’ve been to. It has a great reception area where you can buy many varieties of specialty foods that are available only in Yokohama.

When you first arrive, they will give you a set of Yukata that you will wear during your stay. They also have a set of rules and guidelines that you can find here. It will help you to prepare a bit because if this is your first time, you might find it a little weird.

Manyo no yu is also a hotel, so it will be a wonderful place to return to after a long tour of Yokohama.

You can read more about Manyo no yu on their website. 

5. Sea Paradise

We love the ocean! and this is the highlight of our trip. We went on a sunny day and people were on the beach having picnics, playing music, having fun. It was a holiday.

Sea Paradise is great for families because not only is it an amusement park, it is also one of the biggest aquatic parks in Japan. Surely, one visit will not be enough.

Do not forget to visit Sea Paradise with your loved ones! know more about Sea Paradise here.

I love Japan! and I will write more about it in the future! I hope you enjoyed my Springtime in Japan series.

Winter in Japan, coming soon!

Happy Wandering!