Tagaytay Travel Guide: Places to Visit

Tagaytay is a common escape for the people living inside Metro Manila. It is a place to unwind and relax and have a delicious meal with family and friends. Its scenery is truly remarkable, with Taal Volcano and Taal Lake in the view from the road going to the city proper, you will surely appreciate the beauty and the kindness of nature.

Tagaytay is only a few hours away from Manila. Leaving at dawn is the best time to drive and try to catch the sunrise. Also, traffic can be really heavy if you leave too late. We usually drive out at 4 in the morning and get there by around 6-7 am, just in time for sunrise. 

Here are some of the places that you can visit in Tagaytay.

1. People’s Park in the Sky

This is a beautiful place to visit if you love to bask in the magnificence of mother nature. You will need to track a winding to get here and pay a minimal fee that will be more than worth it. You will surely remember this place in the years to come. Do not forget to take photographs!

2. Picnic Grove

If you are traveling with a large group, the Picnic Grove will be a wonderful place to visit. Bring food with you or buy food in the area, this place is a beautiful place to share a meal with the family. With a view of Taal Volcano, you and your family will surely enjoy spending a cool morning or afternoon here. It is a suitable place to watch the sunset or sunrise.

3. Sky Ranch

One of the highlights of going to Tagaytay is this place. It is perfect for groups, families (especially with kids), and even couples on a date. The rides and activities can be for kids and adults. It is not as big as you might think, but it is located perfectly with a splendid view. You also might need to bring extra cash, because most of the activities transact on a cash-only basis. Don’t worry, it will be worth the spend.

  • Location: Sky Ranch
  • Fee/s:
    • Weekdays P80.00
    • Weekends & Holidays P100.00
    • Children 3ft & Below Free
  • Operation Hours:
    • Weekdays 10am-10pm
    • Weekends & Holidays 8am-10pm

4. Taal Volcano

Taal Volcano is one of the Philippines’ most popular volcanoes. It hasn’t erupted since the 1970s but there have been continuous seismic activities in the area. The local government unit issues warning to the locals and tourists, so you don’t really need to worry about eruptions while you’re there. Just check the news first if there are any warning issued. You can enjoy the view at various locations in Tagaytay. If you won’t be driving, you can even enjoy it on the way to Tagaytay.ย 

5. Taal Lake

The Taal Lake is the lake surrounding Taal Volcano. The crater of Taal Volcano is filled with water too. There is a short hike to the crater that you may take. There is also a boat ride that will let you enjoy the beauty of Taal Volcano up close.ย 

Tagaytay is the place to be during the summer, so do try to visit it if you have the time. You can enjoy the bulalo and the tawilis at lunch or dinner, then maybe enjoy hot chocolate or coffee at the local cafes for breakfast or merienda. You will surely enjoy your visit here. Don’t forget the buko pie for pasalubong.