Quezon Province Travel Guide: Places to Visit

The Province of Quezon is in the southeast part of Manila (not to be confused with Quezon City), named after the second president of the Philippines, Manuel L. Quezon.

It is a place rich in culture, and even the food is vibrant with colors and taste, especially during the festivities.

Food is the first thing I think about whenever I visit a new place. Food is like a window to a place’s culture and life. Also, there is nothing like food and rest after a long trip. After I’m stuffed, rested, and recharged, it will be the time to explore. Here are some places to eat and visit in Quezon.

1. Kamayan sa Palaisdaan

This restaurant is in Lucban. They not only provide tasty food and service, and the ambiance is great too. You can opt to eat inside their airplane restaurant, in which you will have waiters dressed up as flight attendants, or you can eat al fresco by the resort. They even have tables in the middle of the fishpond where you can eat, with fishes waiting for you to give them scraps. This is definitely a beautiful place to visit with kids and take photographs. The food is good too!

2. Kamay ni Hesus

If you want to see a part of the rich culture of Quezon, you might want to visit this place. It is not extremely far from Kamayan sa Palaisdaan, so you can visit before or after you eat. There are many stores by the side of the road during holy week and you can buy plenty of pasalubong for your loved ones here. But Kamay Ni Hesus is visited for the celebration of the life of Jesus Christ. Many people from across the Philippines visit to observe the celebration of the holy week. Kamay ni Hesus is a good place to visit.

3. Villa Escudero

I visited Villa Escudero as a kid, 17 years ago. it was a beautiful place for families back then and it is a wonderful place for families now. I love the part there where we took a family photo by the little falls. It is one of my most beloved photos. There is plenty to see and do at Villa Escudero. You can check out the museum, experience their waterfall restaurant, swim in the pool, and even bamboo rafting. they can also accommodate you for a longer stay. You will surely enjoy your stay.

4. Cagbalete Island

It only takes about 5-6 hours of travel time from Manila to reach Cagbalete Island, including the boat ride (don’t worry, it will be worth it). The best time to visit of course is during summer, but if you opt to visit during off-peak season, try to check the weather forecast first, because we did get an unforgettable experience getting stuck in the island for four more nights than planned. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be because the food was great and there were plenty of locals helping us out. It’s a beautiful place to escape to. These photos might help you out in deciding to book your next trip to Cagbalete. Here are some of the places you can stay.

5. Quezon National Park

We just passed by Quezon National park and did not get the chance to enjoy the scenery more. The remarkable thing about this place was the road, it had us zigzagging and enjoying the foliage. If you love driving and the rich greenery, this is a great road to pass on the way to Quezon. You can drive slowly to enjoy more of the view if you like, but the road is high and will need a start to make it to the high parts. So just be careful with driving.

6. Eker and Ely’s Pasalubong

This is the home of longganisang Lucban. they are widely popular for it. They sell for 80/dozen for the regular longganisa and 160/dozen for the jumbo longganisa. They also sell other pasalubong like broas, pastillas, turones, and so many others to choose from. There might be a lengthy line if you visit on a weekend or on a holiday, but they normally work quick and are able to accommodate the queue. you won’t regret the waiting time if you really want the longanisa.  Photo credits to owners.

There is still more to explore in Quezon, I will update this post as soon as I get to visit again. Totally going back!

Happy Wandering!