Quezon City Travel Guide: Places to Visit

The city is always hustling and bustling, sometimes you want to escape but you have a job, bills to pay. It can be frustrating sometimes when all you want to do is escape but you must wait for the next long weekend or the next holiday. Don’t you worry anymore. There are places that you can visit inside the city. In this post we are featuring the World Class Quezon City. Here are the top places you should visit when in Quezon City.

La Mesa Ecopark

La Mesa Eco Park is a green escape inside the city. The air within La Mesa Eco Park is fresh and relaxing, you can smell the petrichor, especially after a rainy day. There are many activities inside the park like, biking ( you can rent a bike or bring your own), Swimming (there is a large pool in the park where you can swim for a fee), Fishing (You would need to bring your own fishing gear), and even Horse Back Riding (it is just a short ride, in a loop which is perfect for kids). You can also have a picnic in the designated areas or buy food from small restaurants inside the park. You and your family will surely enjoy your visit, and you will find yourself wanting to escape here repeatedly.

Quezon Memorial Shrine

Located in the middle of the elliptical road in Quezon City, it is one of the most recognizable landmark in the city. You will find that there is a great space for you and your family to explore, and at the base of the monument, there is the Manuel L. Quezon Museum, which features the life of the first president of the Commonwealth of the Philippines, and the history of Quezon City. If you decide to stay there until nighttime, you will find the monument in a beautiful spectacle, lighted in the colors of the Philippines’ Flag.

Quezon Heritage House

Originally located in New Manila as a weekend residence for the President Manuel L. Quezon and his family during his battle with tuberculosis, the Quezon Heritage was reconstructed inside the Quezon Memorial Circle to give the public access to the historical home. The Quezon Heritage House focuses on the personal life of President Manuel L. Quezon and may be better appreciated if visited in conjunction with the Quezon Memorial Shrine. 

QCX Museum

QCX Musuem is the first interactive museum in the city. It is also a green building which is important in the metro. This Museum inside the Quezon Memorial Circle focuses on the history of Quezon City and its culture. You will also find a small theater that can house about 80 persons, which can be a great place for groups who would need a similar space, you may want to include a visit to the other museums mentioned earlier to have a complete immersion into the history and the future of Quezon City.

  • Location: QCX Museum
  • Operation Hours: Monday-Friday 9am-4pm, Saturday-Sunday Closed

Maginhawa Street Restaurants

With so many good places to choose from, you will surely have a tough time in Maginhawa trying to choose your next meal. But don’t worry because many of them are great eats! There are different dishes from around the world too. Many Restaurants are family ran, so you know that you will get some quality tasting food. There are restaurants that we like, like Van Gogh Is Bipolar, but we leave the choice to you because there are so many! You will surely be filled up inside Magihawa street!

University of the Philippines

University of the Philippines is one of the oldest Universities inside the Metro. Located in the heart of Quezon city, near the Quezon Memorial Circle and the Quezon City Hall, you will find this iconic place to be one that you would like to return to, for a good stroll or drive. There are many places inside the campus that you may visit, like the famous UP oblation (which holds an annual run in celebration of one of the fraternities in UP), The UP sunken garden (you may take your family for a good outdoor time here and play some frisbee), visit the museum, or the theatre in the campus. There are many activities that you can do, just make sure you check the schedule and announcements in their website before you decide on hitting the UP itinerary.

Tomas Morato Restaurants

You will find Tomas Morato as a more established version of Maginhawa. Here reside the more popular restaurants, like Shakey’s, Alfredo’s, and even Jollibee. But there are the lesser known restaurants that you might like to try. They are usually located inside the smaller streets rather than the main street. They are easy to find, and you can just drive around each block and you will surely find one or two restaurants that might pique your interest. There are also spots in Tomas Morato which can be a wonderful place to go on a night out.

Art in Island

Art in Island is widely popular among group excursions and field trips because they have the space and all the fun! A beautiful place to visit with the family, it features 3D artworks that will truly leave you amused and amazed. They also feature seasonal 3D artworks that will surely be remembered. Make sure that you have enough space in your gadget because you will need every space fpr your photos. It is a special place where time and effort were exerted to give joy and amusement to everyone who visits.

  • Location: Art in Island
  • Fee/s: P500 Regular Rate, P400 Student, Senior Citizen, PWD, Free for children below 3ft
  • Operation Hours: 9:30am-9:30pm Tue-Sun

Ace Water Spa

Ace Water Spa is a favorite visit for families who would like to take an indoor swim inside the city. They feature a pool, a sauna, hydrotherapy massage, and even a “mini river” and fountains that the kids will surely enjoy! Make sure you ask about the proper attire and etiquette first to have a better experience. They also have a hotel so you can opt to stay overnight and have a more relaxing stay.

  • Location: 399 Del Monte near corner Banawe street
  • Fee/s: 550 PHP
  • Operation Hours: Sunday-Thursday 6 AM- 10 PM Friday-Saturday 6 AM- 11 AM
  • Contact: 02 3678040

Sip and Gogh

A beautiful place to spend your free time with family and friends. You can learn how to paint at any age! The staff will guide you through the process and you can even pick whatever you would like to pain. Although you might want to try an easier one before jumping on to the next level. Snacks and drinks are provided (juice for the kids and you may have wine for the adults). When you have finished your painting, you can take it home and hang it on an empty wall and get the chance to tell your family and friends about the experience.

  • Location: Capitol Hills Drive Matandang Balara Quezon City
  • Fee/s: ~1000 Php
  • Operation Hours: Tuesday- Friday 4 PM – 11 PM, Saturday- Sunday 10 AM- 11 PM, Monday (Closed)
  • Contact: 02 9611258

We will constantly update and edit this post. In the meantime, we hope that you find the time to visit some of the places that we have listed. Happy Wandering!