Bohol Travel Guide: Places to Visit

Bohol is ranked as one of the most beautiful places in the Philippines. The white sand beach is gorgeous. The trapped heat in the white fine sand feels so good to the sole and the soul. It’s truly a place worth visiting repeatedly.

1. Chocolate Hills

When you hear of Bohol, the Chocolate Hills is one of the first things that will come to most people’s mind. Visiting Chocolate Hills can be a trek. You may want to limber up a bit before going, it is a steep climb but worth all the physical work when you get to the top. The view is spectacular, something of dreams. You would want to bring a hat or an umbrella if you go there during mid-day, but the best time to come is at sunrise or at sunset. The skyline is most beautiful at these times because the hues are in perfect harmony. 

2. Alona Beach

If you walk along Alona beach, you will pass a lot of the other hotels in the area. You can do activities there too. You just must ask for an attendant or anyone willing to help you. Filipinos can be helpful and friendly, so do not be afraid to ask. If you are looking for grilled food or seafood, walking along Alona beach will give you many choices. The beach sand is so beautiful and fine, the water so relaxing and calm you would want to just hang and sit on the beach, do not forget your sunscreen though.

You can also try beach hopping. There are plenty of other beautiful beaches in Bohol that you may visit via boat. You would want to schedule this early in the day, to not get the full heat of the sun before you finish. You can ask the tour guides to take you to the parts where you can snorkel, because the water is so full of life.

3. Bohol Bee Farm

This is where the famoso ice cream comes from. They are the ones who makes it and distributes it around Bohol. They have a small store that you can buy gifts from, and a restaurant that overlooks a magnificent view. You can ask your hotel or guide about this place if it is not yet on your itinerary. They serve healthy, natural, delicious food, and the ice cream!

This ice cream is one of the best ice creams I have ever had. Especially the avocado flavor (although this can be a little biased because my favorite fruit is avocado), all the other flavors are great too! This is a must-try. They have a small shop along Alona Beach and another bigger store in the city.

  • Location: Bohol Bee Farm
  • Operation Hours: 5am-10pm
  • Contact:
    • Website:

4. Jo’s Chicken Inato Tagbiliran

Our first stop in Bohol was for lunch. It is one of the most popular restaurants in Bohol. It is located at Tagbiliran city and is easily accessible. Inside the restaurant takes you to a more traditional feel of Bohol. The restaurant is full of wooden decors, and pieces. It might even feel a little bit like a museum. Now, the food. We didn’t order much because we had just easten at the plane and so, we were not very hungry. Some of that we ordered are chicken inato (which is the best seller), pancit, chicken skin, and garlic rice. We had a wonderful experience in the restaurant, overall. 

5. Amorita Resort

This hotel is one of the most beautiful ones in Bohol. It resides along Alona beach, alongside most of the best accommodation in Bohol so you can be rest assured that this will be a great stay. The welcome tea was refreshing, and they have a relaxing view of the beach from the reception area. The beach is not as easily accessible as the other hotels’ because Amorita is at the far end of the beach shore, but this is great for people who would like to have a more private experience. The food is great too, they have breakfast, lunch, and dinner buffets, that either comes with your booking or you can avail seperately. Beautiful ambience, excellent service, great food. Your stay with Amorita will surely be remembered.

Tarsier Sanctuary

You can also visit the Tarsier Sanctuary where their delicate little mammals live. They are one of the smallest primates on earth, they are so delicate that they can fit in the palm of an average-sized person. Although you may visit the tarsiers in the sanctuary, please bear in mind that these animals are protected, and is an endangered spieces, meaning that they may fall into extinction if we do not help care for their habitat. By visiting them, you will be helping in funding the efforts to keep them from being endangered. This is different from the one in Loboc as many people mistake it for.

  • Location: Corella Town, Bohol
  • Operation Hours: 9 AM- 4 PM
  • Contact: 0908 937 8094

Dolphin Watching

Dolphin watching is one of the highlights of going on a trip to Bohol, you may want to schedule the dolphin trip ahead of time because it takes preparation to get there. Also, it is best if you sail at dawn because the tour guide said that this is when the dolphins usually come out to play or hunt. This is such an exciting part of the trip so, if you can manage to squeeze it in your itinerary, please do.

Enjoy your trip to Bohol because I promise you, Bohol will not disappoint. Just bask in the sun and the good vibes. Have a wanderful trip.