Bicol Travel Guide: Places to Visit

When I hear Bicol, the first thing that comes to my mind is Bicol express. I know, if you’ve read some of my other posts, you’d know by now that I do love tasty food. Bicol express is one of my favorites, I even learned how to cook it. You can never go wrong with coconut milk and a bit of chili (or a lot).

Bicol is home to many magnificent views and a rich biodiversity. The heavy green of the area should already be an assurance that you will find many animals and insects. Mount Mayon is proof that you will find richness because it is an active volcano, and where there is an active volcano, you will be sure to find rich soil.

1. Caramoan

Caramoan is known as the gateway to the beaches, and at the tip of the Caramoan Peninsula. There are many islands nearby that you can visit on your island-hopping tour. Small boats can be rented for 2000 Php, but prices vary and this may be negotiated with your boatman. The food is great and fishes come in fresh from the local fishermen, you may also ask for fresh fruits in season and the locals will be glad to assist you.White sands and clear waters during the summer, it is a perfect place to visit during the summer holidays here in the Philippines.

2. Subic Beach

This is a beautiful place to stay for beach camping. There are rooms you can rent in the area but if you are the more adventurous type and will not be bringing children, you can opt to stay on the beach to camp. You will need to bring your own food into the beach, there are place you can buy from at the port, and there are many choices. Also, you will need to bring a big plastic/ eco bag for your trash. It is necessary that you bring your trash with you.

3. Mayon Volcano

Known for its perfect cone shape despite its activity, Mayon Volcano is one of the most popular active volcanoes in the Philippines and in Asia. It’s surrounding is full of rich soil and biodiversity. You can enjoy the view of Mayon Volcano on top of Mayon Observatory. There are places where you can catch a glimpse of Mayon Volcano, especially if it’s not covered in passing clouds. If you’re not lucky enough, you can still enjoy the other spectacular views. You and your loved ones will surely have this one vying for the best memory.

4. Cagsawa Ruins

This church was built in 1587 and was buried under lava after Mount Mayon erupted. There are still remnants of the old church and it has become a popular tourist attraction. You can do other activities like riding the ATV or taking a hike around the area.There are also stores where you can buy novelty products and local refereshments.

5. Casa Soriano

I do find this place if you have the time. It will be worth the effort.

Naga is home to this awesome restaurant that we were lucky enough to find. It can be easy to miss because it is located inside a small street, covered by a car dealership store, helped only by small signage that says, “Casa Soriano”. It is located beside the owner’s home. Worth it to visit this place because the food was awesome! We ordered four items on the menu and all of it was great. We’re lucky to order the good stuff, or they just simply deliver great food. I still remember how the salmon was perfectly cooked, and how much my family loved the laing and the porchetta. The Nachos was great too! Different from what we’re used to in Manila.

  • Location: Casa Soriano
  • Operation Hours: 11am-11pm
  • Contact: (0928) 893-3083

6. Naga

Naga is in Camarines Sur in the Bicol region. This city is better known as home to many churches and monasteries, resulting from the Spanish colonial period. Incredibly beautiful churches are some of the place that you may want to check out. Like the Peñafrancia Shrine that was established in the 1700’s, or the Naga Metroplitan Cathedral that is even older and was built in the 1500’s.

You will surely enjoy the rich history of the churches in this area.

7. Legazpi

Legazpi or Legazpi city, is the capital of the provice of Albay. You will find Mount Mayon in this area. It well known for its shape and its activity. You might want to check the news first before visiting Legazpi because Mayon Volcano is regularly active and causes evacuation issues.

Legazpi city is bustling with tourist on peak holidays, and most places are full. You can try to stay one of the beds and breakfast inns that we stayed in called Casa Roces. The Inn is an old house renovated to cater to people with larger families and or people who would like to enjoy the feeling of living in an ancestral home. Don’t be fooled with how we use the word ancestral because this house is colorful, sophisticated, and beautiful. The people who run the place are great, and the accomodation is excellent.