Baguio Travel Guide: Places to Visit

Baguio is the Philippine’s summer capital, resting at 1500 meters above sea level, Baguio’s weather is perfect for a misty, mossy morning with cold and pine scented fresh air. In December, the temperature can go as low as 10 degrees Celsius, and in the summer, it normally stays around 21 degrees Celsius. Now, this might seem too hot for some, but here in the Philippines, where there is plenty of humidity, this temperature may feel a lot colder. There are so many places to visit in Baguio. It is so rich in culture, flora, and fauna, and even the modern conveniences, you will not get tired of going to Baguio repeatedly.

1. Camp John Hay

Camp John Hay has always been one of the most popular destinations in Baguio. It is both rich in history and teeming with places to visit including the Bell house, the Bell amphitheater, The Cemetery of Negativism, and The Secret Garden. During the Christmas season, they also have a light show that is great for families, especially with little children! If you’re in the mood for some golf, you may play in the golf course or if you’re just looking to pass some time you can play some mini golf instead. If you would like to stay inside the camp, you may want to check out The Manor which is one of the best places to stay in around Baguio. Camp John Hay has been one of the most important places in Baguio and still continues to be a great attraction. 

2. BenCab Museum

Ben Cab is one of the most important Filipino artists of the 21st century. He was awarded National Artist for Visual Arts in 2006. He has established himself as a renowned artist whose artworks speaks of his advocacies. The BenCab museum located nearby the city center of Baguio and showcases some of Ben Cab’s great artworks. If you are not familiar with Ben Cab and have not seen his forms, you are in for a treat in the Ben Cab museum, you will surely appreciate his language and his visions.

  • Location: BenCab Museum
  • Fee/s: Regular P100.00, Student or Senior Citizen P80.00
  • Operation Hours: Tuesday-Sunday 9am-6pm, Monday Closed
  • Contact:
    • website:

3. Cafe by the Ruins

One of the most popular restaurants in Baguio. This is somewhere where my family always finds time to pass by every time, we take a trip to Baguio. The food is great, and the service is excellent. We love the homey foods that we usually order. The kids love the carbonara and the adults love the longganisa. There are local dishes that will be a great treat to try, especially with the brown rice that Baguio is widely popular for. You can be sure that the ingredients are fresh because Benguet is immensely popular also for its produce. Make sure you pass by cafe by the ruins when you visit Baguio.

4. Session Road

If you are looking for explore more about the city life, then going around session road is one of the best ways to know more about Baguio City. You may drive around the block or better if you walk, because it is not that big. It will take you about 30 minutes to an hour to walk around the area, and this even depends on how fast you are walking. You will enjoy many pop-up markets, local products, and if you are looking for some familiar fast food, then this is the place to go. The lights are great, and the people are colorful. Take some time to know more about the city by taking a walk at session road.

5. Burnham Park

This widely known park in the Philippines and still is one of the most searched areas in Baguio. It is known for activities which are perfect specially for families. There are many places to visit and activities to do inside Burnham Park. You may rent a bike for kids and adults alike, you may even take a boat ride, or take a joy ride in the mini amusement park. You and your family will surely enjoy your visit. Don’t forget to take plenty of photos and have lots of fun!

6. Mines View Park

Mines view park takes you to a magnificent view and great people. You will see a relaxing view of the mountain from here. You can eve take plenty of photos with the locals who are ready, and all dressed up for taking plenty of photos with the tourists. there are eve animals who are waiting to take photo ops with tourists specially with families and children. 

7. Wright Park and The Mansion House

If you are looking for a place to horse ride, then this is the place that you need to visit. You can rent a pony for 15-30 minutes riding around the park. You may visit some of the stores which sells their local products like garments, masks, costumes, and even toys. Find some traditional items like ‘tirador’ which is sort of a weapon, and locally made flutes. You can find some food there like the strawberry taho which is a twist on the taho with arnibal we all know well. You can enjoy a good afternoon or a nice morning here at Wright Park with friends and family. It is quite easily accessible and you won’t have too much trouble finding it since there are plenty of signs in the area, and you can just ask around as most locals will probably know how to get there. 

We hope that you enjoy your stay in Baguio and We will update you with more places and things to do in the future! Until then. Ciao!